Farmchain Finance

The first Hybrid finance protocol powering agribusiness, food value chain and other retailers of fast moving consumer goods cooperative societies and unions.

Why Farmchain Finance?

Having our eyes fixed on Zero Hunger, we are building to empower Small Holder farmers, SMEs within the food, and fast moving Consumer Goods Value chains using the cooperative society and unions model.

We launched Farmchain Finance Coop as a pilot and Umbrella Coop for other affiliated Coop and the result has been massive in less than a year.

We believe there's more strength to achieve bigger goals with the crowd of like minds compared to single individuals.

How It Works

For Agribusiness, food Commodity Sellers, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sellers.


Sign Up

Sign Up as a cooperative union be it registered or non registered with members from 5 and above, and the name of your union using the Join Coop Button.

Become Verified

Complete the registration process by being verified directly and start making savings using any of the savings plans.

Request For Loan

Request for Micro Loans with very low and affordable interest rate through your Registered Unions.

Farmchain Finance Coop

Farmchain Finance Coop Is the pilot umbrella Coop that is powering the other registered affiliated cooperatives and unions.

Our Products

A combination of DeFi and CeFi for financial inclusion.

Secured and Non Collateral Loans Savings.

Contributory Non Collateral and Non interest Loans.

Real Assets banking

Food Banking Savings.

FIFI Tokens Information

FIFI Tokens Is the native tokens of the Farmchain Finance Ecosystem and it serves as a Utility and a Governance token.

Token Name




Token Type

BP20 Deflationery

Total Supply


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Our Partners

Wakanda Inu

Coop Members


Community Driven

Our Ecosystem is as successful as our thriving community.

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